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As a leader, you might have to face difficult situations. Whether you must find a collective solution to an issue, face an overreacting...

How to manage awkward situations

4 simple tips to feel more comfortable dealing with awkward situations.

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Steer like a leader

Steering can be defined as the action to move or to guide in a particular direction. Here are tips to help you keep your leadership mindset.

5 tips to be more efficient during conference calls

Conference calls can be difficult to manage: technical issues, confusion between speakers, people not fully attentive. 5 simple tips shared!

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Let’s describe our lockdown routine as if we were journalists

Listening to the news, you must be absolutely astonished by the huge amount of incredibly stressful words they are using (journalistic...

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Behave like a leader (even in English)

The easiest way to define a leader is “any person who influences people to achieve a goal”. With this definition, everyone might be a...

4 simple and efficient tips to handle objections

The question today is: how to handle an objection, a negative reaction or comment? An objection is always an opportunity to convince your...

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How to place adjectives in the appropriate order?

The adjectives are normally used in a particular order in English. Will you be able to place them in the appropriate order?

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Forget about these false friends!

Smoking, baskets, parking, pressing,... Did you know they meant something else in English? Let's see some more examples!

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Restez dans la course !

Si vous vous êtes déjà préparé pour une épreuve sportive, vous connaissez sans doute cette sensation. Vous êtes prêt, entraîné, vous avez...

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Top 3 des idées reçues en anglais

Pour vous détendre un peu, pour aborder l'anglais avec plus de sérénité, pour ne plus penser que nous les frogs on est des billes en...