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Let’s describe our lockdown routine as if we were journalists

Listening to the news, you must be absolutely astonished by the huge amount of incredibly stressful words they are using (journalistic writing).
Let’s try to (stay positive and) do it with our current daily routine!

1. The number of meals I can actually prepare without pasta is jaw-dropping! (extremely surprising, impressive)
However, pizza is massively favored in the polls, and cooking brussels sprouts
can be divisive… (can cause great and sometimes unfriendly disagreement within a group of people)

2. We all make a tremendouseffort to adapt to the situation. (very great, intense)
I really think I reached a
tipping point in the way I handle both my kids and my personal activity… (time during a process when an important decision is made or when a situation changes completely)

3. According to observers, French people are curbing their stay-at-home anxiety with a gigantic amount of puzzles… (to control something that is not wanted)
…and with drinking wine
on a massive scale. (in a grand or big manner)

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